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Bio-RemOX SM provides significant benefits due to its unique blend of features. See how Bio-RemOX SM matches up to other cleanup technologies.


  • No Trenching or Excavation Required
  • No Specialized Equipment Required
  • No Monthly Charges for System Operation and Maintenance
  • No Costly Equipment Repairs
  • No Space Required for Aboveground Equipment
  • No Electricity or Other Utilities Required
  • Contaminants are Eliminated
  • Stimulates Naturally Occurring Bioremediation


  • Reduces Remedial Costs
  • Expedites Cleanup
  • Provides Cash Flow Flexibility
  • Minimizes Site Interference
  • Creates No Additional Wastes or Liabilities
  • Creates No Continual Sound Issues
  • Avoids Aquifer Sterilization Caused by Chemox Alone
  • Works Well Under Buildings Where Other Technologies Often Fail

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