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Just how much time and money can Bio-RemOX SM save?

Bio-RemOX SM can save up to $125,000–$375,000 in clean up costs and 18–54 months of active remedial time on a typical one acre site.

Cost + Time Savings chart

A typical cleanup for a one acre site utilizing SVE/AS (soil vapor extraction & air sparging) can cost between $250,000–$500,000 and take anywhere from 2-5 years to complete. SVE/AS systems are very effective initially while the contaminant levels are high. However, they become increasingly less effective and economically inefficient as site conditions improve. The reason for this is that while approximately 90% of the remediation occurs in the first 6–12 months of SVE/AS operation, the system must remain active to attain the final 10% of contaminant reduction needed to meet clean up requirements. During the next 1–4 years the costs to run the SVE/AS system remain the same:

  • Monthly utility costs
  • Monthly system operation inspection
  • Monthly system monitoring/data collection
  • Monthly system maintenance
  • Periodic system reporting
  • Periodic equipment repairs
  • Periodic groundwater sampling and lab analysis
  • Annual compliance fees

LEI is frequently asked to finish off on-going remediation projects with Bio-RemOX SM. While this is an effective use of our new, patent pending clean up technology, it is clear that Bio-RemOX SM offers the greatest benefit when it is used as the primary remedial technology.

Contact us today for a FREE SITE EVALUATION to determine the appropriateness of Bio-RemOX SM for your site(s).

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