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Bio-RemOX SM cleans sites faster, cheaper, better than traditional techniques. . .

table showing comparison of costs

. . .and is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than Chemox

History of Leading Remedial Technologies chart

  • Emerging as the leading remedial technique
  • Proven effective at eliminating contaminants
  • Faster and less expensive than Bio Remediation
  • Found to sterilize aquifer
  • Sterilized aquifer prohibited natural Bio Remedial process
  • Identify a method to avoid aquifer sterilization
  • Combine with other remedial option to improve results (i.e. GWT&SVE, SVE&AS, etc.)
  • Identify method to reduce costs by minimizing injection events and oxidant volumes
  • Provides all benefits of Chemox without sterilizing aquifer
  • Combines Chemox with Bio Remediation to enhance naturally occurring Bio Remedial process
  • Reduces costs by leveraging Bio Remedial activities (i.e. reduces injection events and oxidant volumes)

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