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Lessard Environmental, Inc. (LEI) is an innovative environmental consulting firm providing a full range of environmental consulting, assessment, and re../mediation services to commercial, public, and private clients.

LEI is always interested in working with other firms to deliver greater client value. We frequently work with other environmental consulting firms to provide specialized services such as Chemox or Bio-RemOX SM. We act as subcontractors in these relationships, providing specific services, while the overall project continues to be managed by the primary consultant. We also are interested in exploring licensing arrangements for new assessment and remedial techniques.

If you are interested in exploring potential business alliances contact:

Lessard Environmental Inc.
Lawrence H. Lessard
121 Loring Avenue, Suite 342
Salem, MA 01970

t. 978.338.5541 x 102
e. info@lessard-environmental.com

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