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  • Founded in 1998 by its President, Larry Lessard (MA LSP since 1993, CT LEP since 1997, NH PG since 2002)1
  • Project management staff have 50 years of combined environmental management experience
  • Current offices in Massachusetts and Rhode Island
  • Our growing market includes projects in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Delaware and Montana
  • Clients served include:
    Law Firms
    Insurance Companies
    Petroleum Marketers
    Industrial Manufacturers
    Financial or Lending Institutions
    Real Estate Developers
    Public Agencies
    Mobile Telecommunication Providers
    Other Environmental Consulting Firms
    Spill Response Contractors
    Commercial Property Owners
    Transportation Companies
    Dry Cleaners
  • Extensive service offerings from initial site investigations through cleanup and closure of all sizes and complexities (small surface spills to Superfund sites)
  • LEI has been successfully performing Chemical Oxidation since 1999, resulting in the development of Bio-RemOX SM — a patent pending remedial process that reduces time to closure and remedial costs
1 MALSP designation first awarded in 1993: NHPG designation first awarded in 2002.

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