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Site assessments are required for a variety of reasons from site transfers and refinancing to responding to environmental incidents. Depending on the purpose and the client's goals, the scope of work can vary significantly. We listen carefully to our clients in order to develop an appropriate scope of work tailored to their specific needs. Below are descriptions of our core site assessment services.

  • Property Transfer Assessments: Evaluation of site conditions often required for commercial real estate transactions and by lending institutions
  • Soil Borings: Advancement of mechanical devices to obtain soil, vapor and groundwater samples. A variety of techniques can be utilized depending on geologic characteristics and unique site features. Soil borings are often completed as permanent groundwater monitoring wells.
  • Geoprobe®: A Geoprobe® is a portable, direct push device used to investigate subsurface conditions in a more cost efficient manner than traditional soil boring techniques. LEI owns a truck mounted Geoprobe® 5400, enabling increased scheduling control and flexibility for our clients.
  • Groundwater Sampling: Groundwater samples are collected in a variety of methods, in accordance with regulatory protocol and quality assurance and control (QA/QC) guidelines. The samples are sent to certified labs to assess the quality of groundwater for potential contaminants of concern.
  • Geophysical Surveys: 2-or-3 dimensional surveys of surface/subsurface geophysical conditions to aid in assessment, remedial design and risk characterization
  • Groundwater Modeling: Computer simulations are constructed to provide a model of groundwater flow and, if needed, contaminant transport at a site. Models are useful to evaluate changes at a site over time and are often used in remedial design or litigation support projects.
  • Soil Vapor Surveys: Collection of soil vapor samples typically around or within buildings to assess health and safety conditions. The surveys can also be used to enhance the location of permanent monitoring well locations or treatment system injection/extraction points.
  • Risk Assessments: The evaluation of site conditions to determine the risk to human health and safety and the environment. Risk assessments can sometimes be used in lieu of active remediation should conditions and property location indicate minimal risk associated with leaving the site in its current condition.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Assessment of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) conditions utilizing various techniques including air and bulk sampling of molds and other IAQ concerns

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