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LEI’s professional staff has extensive experience providing opinions and advice regarding diverse environmental issues. Our innovative culture fosters strategic thinking and discussions with our clients, resulting in creative alternatives and solutions. Below are descriptions of our core consulting services:
  • Remedial Design: Evaluation of site conditions, geology, and hydrogeology in selecting the most effective and cost efficient remedial technique and tailoring it to the client’s specific needs
  • Brownfields Redevelopment: Assessment and remediation of contaminated commercial properties to enable their revitalization in an economically sound manner
  • Environmental Permitting: Various permitting preparation and compliance including groundwater discharge, air emissions, road way access, etc.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Assessment and design of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management programs
  • Compliance Audits: Design and implementation of environmental, health and safety, or other regulatory driven self-audit programs to ensure client compliance with governmental requirements
  • Training: Annual 8-hour OSHA HazWoper (Hazardous Waster Operations and Emergency Response) refresher course
  • Insurance Claim Management: Technical review and oversight of insurance claims throughout the nation where other environmental consulting firms are providing the primary remedial services
  • Expert Witness Testimony: Expert opinions and evaluations from discovery (deposition) through trial
  • Litigation Support: Legal team support via technical briefings, expert evaluations of environmental issues and assistance with document preparation
  • Third Party Reviews: Review of other environmental consulting firms services in terms of technical accuracy, cost efficiency and regulatory compliance

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