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To Preserve, Restore and Educate

Preserve: It is our responsibility to preserve our environment for the enjoyment of future generations.

Restore: Where there has been damage to the environment, it is our goal to mitigate that damage and restore the environment towards it natural condition.

Educate: When our clients face environmental issues, it is our goal to educate them. Armed with the knowledge that we provide, they too can preserve and restore the environment in a responsible and cost effective manner.

Client Commitment

At LEI we are committed to our clients. As environmental consultants, we put customer service first. It is our job to educate and inform our clients so they understand the road from discovery to closure. We find that taking the time to explain these complex issues is time well spent. Our educated clients can then avoid the fear and confusion that sometimes accompanies environmental problems and replace these feelings with action and understanding. It is this commitment to client education and operational excellence that has resulted in our high levels of repeat and referral business.

Project Management Approach

LEI takes a client-centric approach to project management. Direct contact and collaboration with clients provides our project teams with an invaluable source of information and expertise. Clients are often able to provide insight into site-specific issues due to their knowledge of site history and operations. Conversely, our project managers keep our clients informed of new developments at their properties in order to ensure that sound business decisions can be made based on current data. By working together we are able to create more effective solutions while meeting the specific needs of each client.

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