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Project Management Database

Our project management database tracks deadlines, regulatory compliance and administrative issues for each individual project. Our database can be queried in multiple ways such as by client, project, project manager or date range. This powerful capability permits LEI to efficiently staff projects and schedule project activities and to communicate our project plans in a professional, organized and easy to use manner.

Electronic Document Storage

All client files and correspondence are scanned and stored electronically for easy and efficient retrieval. This eliminates the cost and inefficiencies inherent with traditional paper files. Our encrypted virtual private network provides synchronization redundancy among our office servers to ensure the integrity of our data. Records of file access and modifications permit our file storage system to attest to the authenticity all documents.

Virtual Private Network

LEI offices are connected via an encrypted virtual private network (VPN). The VPN regularly synchronizes the files across our office servers to ensure that all staff members have access to the most current files and to provide added data security and file backup redundancy. The VPN also supports our ability to act as a single company with multiple offices. In this way our project managers are able to staff projects with right personnel regardless of geographic location. This capability reduces our turn around time and provides bottom line savings that we pass on to our clients.

Billing Systems

Our state of the art billing systems enables LEI to invoice clients in a manner that meets their specific needs. Tasks can be itemized and categorized in a manner to facilitate the preparation of state underground storage tank fund reimbursement claim forms. For clients with properties in multiple states an appropriate format can be established for each individual site or project.

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