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Case Study #4

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Remedial Case Study


Dissolved phase and free phase gasoline was identified at this high volume retail gasoline station and convenience store site in the late 1980's. A previous consultant designed and installed a groundwater pump and treat system to address petroleum constituents in the groundwater. This system was installed in 1991 and operated for 7 years. Site conditions improved but not to the level of State standards. LEI took over the site in 1999, reviewed site history and closed the site out via a modified risk assessment in conjunction with an AUL (Activity and Use Limitation).


Additional assessment activities were performed to confirm the ability to utilize a modified risk assessment in order to close out the site. The assessment activities also provided the additional data needed to perform the modified risk assessment.
  • Reviewed recent site history
  • Advanced 7 soil borings to provide additional data on soil conditions

Response Activities:

LEI discussed alternatives with the site owner and developed a strategy that met his goals. Passive response activities included the following:
  • Conducted a Method 2 Risk Assessment yielding site specific groundwater standards
  • Compared site specific standards to actual groundwater quality indicating that groundwater did not require any further remedial actions
  • Utilized an averaging methodology to determine if site met soil standards
  • Soil standards were exceeded requiring further remediation or an AUL
  • Prepared an AUL for the site indicating that No Further Remedial Actions are required as long as the site remains a retail gasoline station or similar commercial use
  • Completed a RAO (Response Action Outcome) report and an AUL

Current Site Status:

  • Site Closed — No Further Remedial Actions required

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