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Lessard Environmental, Inc. (LEI) is an innovative environmental consulting firm providing a full range of environmental consulting, assessment, and remediation services to commercial, public, and private clients.

LEI continually evaluates emerging remedial techniques and business technologies in order to provide our valued clients with the most cost-effective environmental solutions. Our expertise with Chemical Oxidation (Chemox) as a remedial technology dates back more than 5 years, making us one of the few experts able to effectively provide this cost and time saving alternative. It is this expertise with Chemox that has led us to develop our patent pending remedial solution — Bio-RemOX SM the fastest and most cost-effective remedial solution for soil and groundwater.

LEI is also widely experienced in the successful implementation of other proven remedial technologies including soil vapor extraction, air sparging, high vacuum total fluids extraction and groundwater extraction. We believe each client and project is unique, and value the time spent upfront carefully listening to our clients’ specific needs. Consequently, we are able to select the most appropriate response options based upon each clients’ goals and existing site conditions. It is through this collaborative process, that we earn your trust and confidence, and build professional relationships.

From our offices in Massachusetts andRhode Island, we provide our full range of services to properties throughout the Northeast. Outside of this area we frequently provide specialty services such as Chemox or Bio-RemOX SM in conjunction with firms more proximate to the client’s properties.

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